FCA Gifts and Grants

In an effort to return as much of the FCA’s revenue as possible to the Fairmount community, the FCA board has developed a “Gifts and Grants” program.   The purpose is to support projects, programs, and events in Fairmount that make a positive impact on our neighborhood.  Current, paid, voting members of the FCA are encouraged to apply for a grant or gift for their project, program, or event using the form below.  If you have any questions about the program, please e-mail treasurer@fairmountcivicassociation.org.

To provide some context and understanding of what types of activities the FCA will support, the following definitions are provided:

A “project” is defined as a one-time tangible improvement to a common area of the community that will require minimal-to-no maintenance.  An example might be repairing and/or painting a fence that is not on private property, or is on private property that is, for all intents and purposes, neglected, abandoned, or in need of repair.

A “program” is defined as an on-going improvement to a common area of the community that will require minimal, yet consistent, maintenance.  An example is the installation of one or more pet waste disposal stations on poles at common corners in the community.  The grant recipient will be responsible for maintaining the stations for as long as the program is in place.

o   The administrator/s of perpetual programs such as the one defined above is eligible to reapply to the FCA Gift and Grant program annually to sustain the program.  Perpetual programs may receive preferential consideration if the administrator demonstrates that the program has been vigorously maintained and has provided a benefit to the community.

An “event” is defined as one-time or annual event in a common area or areas of the community.  An example could be a parade or festival.

Some additional information about the program:

  • Grant applications will be reviewed by the FCA’s board at the board meeting following the submission of the application.
  • Applicants will be notified by a member of the board in writing after the approval or denial of the grant request has been made.  The FCA reserves the right to reject any grant for any reason and is not required to provide the applicant an explanation of the outcome of the decision-making process.  However, reasonable attempts to explain the board’s decision will be made whenever possible.
  • Any questions for the applicant will be submitted by the board within one month of reviewing the application.  The applicant’s timeliness in responding to the board’s questions will affect the review and ruling of the application.