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Special Zoning Meeting 9/12 7pm

We are pleased to announce a SPECIAL Meeting to discuss  741 N 23rd St Rembrandt’s/Frankie Ann’s) on Thursday, September 12 from 7:00 at the City School. A continuance was granted at the August 21st ZBA meeting until October. This meeting will be in addition to our regularly scheduled FCA meeting to be held on September 26.  All neighbors are invited to attend to listen to the new plans that were presented at the ZBA hearing.  Unfortunately the revised plan did not give the FCA sufficient opportunity to present to the neighborhood. We expect the lawyers and owners to be in attendance to present and answer questions.  We also hope to enter into a “community agreement”. If you have any suggestions, please forward them to me at: or to Kellyann Beene at:

Minutes Posts

Minutes for the January and March 2019 Membership Meetings have been posted at .

Flowering Fronts of Fairmount 2019 Winners!

Announcing the Winners of the 3rd Flowering Fronts of Fairmount Contest! We have broken out the winners into Large/Small categories because some homes have a larger space in front. Thank you to all the neighbors who entered, Doreen and Miriam for being our our volunteer judges and ACE Hardware and the FCA membership for supporting prizes.

Large category
1st: Efren Cazales – 2800 block Cambridge Street

FFoF ’19 Large Division Winner

Mary Ann Makary – 700 block of North 27th Street
Christina Sweeney – 700 block of North 26th Street

Barbara Augustine – 2500 block of Aspen Street

Fran Nachman – 700 block of North 27th Street
Alexander Davis – 2800 block of Cambridge Street

Small category
1st: Vanessa Tracey – 2300 block of Aspen Street

FFoF '19 Small Division Winner

Jodi Rice – 2400 block of Meredith Street
Pedro Calingo – 2300 block of Aspen street

Cindy Ray – 2300 block of Perot Street

Jane Baumgardner – 2500 block of Meredith Street

Donald Glenn – 2500 block of Meredith Street

Thomas Kohn – 2200 block of Wallace Street

Norma Lyon – 700 block of North 22nd Street

Bev Keith – 700 block of North 22nd Street

Alcaterine Angelos – 800 block of N Pennock Street

Bert Zanck – 2500 block of Meredith Street