2100 Girard Alert – Info and Action Items




The Fairmount Civic Association (FCA) is alerting the community of an expansion of a homeless shelter at 2100 Girard Avenue, formerly operated by the City of Philadelphia as the 400+/-bed Philadelphia Nursing Home. Around 2013, the City opened a 132-bed shelter within the nursing home for long term occupancy.  The nursing home was closed in 2022. Beginning in May 2024, the city began expansion of the shelter to add an additional 150 beds.  Adam Thiel, Managing Director of the City of Philadelphia, confirms that individuals admit themselves on a voluntary basis, and are not pre-screened for substance abuse, drugs or criminal history.  No controls or curfews are imposed on the ability of individuals to leave and re-enter the facility, nor are they checked for illegal drugs or weapons upon re-entry. At present, on any given night, approximately 40 to 50 of the 150 additional beds are filled.

The surrounding communities have been reporting an increase in drug paraphernalia on the streets and illegal activity including open-air drug use, trespassing and vandalism.

The FCA is actively working with the community, 9th and 22nd Police districts and Council Member Jeffery Young’s Office to ensure our neighborhoods are clean and safe.  If you see or have been the victim of any illegal activity, please call 911 so that the incident is documented.  Any pictures documenting illegal activity or drug paraphernalia should be time stamped and geo-coded if possible, and sent to TIPS@Phillypolice.com and president@fairmountcivicassociation.org. This documentation will be used by the police department to determine the deployment of patrols.

If you would like to help and get involved, please email president@fairmountcivicassociation.org. We have set up a Google group to help neighbors work collaboratively on issues they are experiencing.